Wednesday, September 11

Week Forty SIx and Forty Seven

Hello everyone. I haven't blogged for two weeks creations now and the reason is that this is going to be a big one. This post is going to combine not one but two creations. (there is actually three but one was a little small addition so I didn't want to count it) Anyway, so my ideas behind this was to make separates that can be worn individually or as a full outfit all from the same lovely dusty pink fabric. I love to mix and match outfits and sometimes this includes a top or a skirt over a dress to create something new. Why not make the dress already separate. 

The patterns I used are below. With my exciting new adventure working with the girls at By hand London I wanted to really explore their patterns and really make sure I have used them all. For these creations I used the Charlotte skirt and the bodice from the Anna dress. After making the full Anna dress a couple of creations ago I really loved the shape of the bodice and the way it fitted so thought it would be perfect for a little cropped top to be worn with anything high waisted. Or low waisted if you wanted, I definitely wouldn't want to. Ha.  

Here are both creations the bodice and skirt together. I went home back to Yorkshire last week and the choice of fabric shops and fabrics are all quite over whelming but you can get some real finds. This dusty pink is soooo pretty and was only £5.99 pm. A bargain I thought. The pink tartan light pink was around the same price and I only needed one metre. 

Here is the little added extra I thought would give the outfit even more snaz! The Charlotte skirt pattern variations include a ruffle and a peplum to add to your skirt. Here I have made a detachable peplum. While planning this creation and brainstorming with my mummy I thought it would be nice to attach the peplum to the bottom of the skirt to make a detachable ruffle also. I think this could be attached by little buttons. This will be tackled soon . I guess this could also be done to the top also. oooo so many variations. 

Above I have pinned the peplum to to the bottom of the skirt to make a ruffle. Just to see how it would work. Need to work out how to attach it before I jump in. I will keep you posted on this.  

Below are all the ways to wear these creations. Enjoy. 

Firstly we have the skirt. Such a classic, flattering shape. It is quite tight so I hemmed it at my knees just for some give. A pleat in the back would also work. The top I am wearing has bambi on it and is from Primark! Amazing!. Makes the pencil skirt style a little more informal I thought. 

Here we have the skirt and the addition of the peplum. ooooo fancy!

And now we have the skirt and bodice together. I love the smart dress look with the little flash of midriff every now and then. Very 90s. 

I made a little alteration to the bodice pattern and added this detail to the back. I attached a zip opening from bottom to top and when I got to the top the fabric fell in this nice way. All it needed was a little tac on each side to keep them in place. Very simple and very easy to do. 

And so we get to all three parts. The outfit is complete. I personally think all three together is a little too much but maybe for the right occasion it could work. 

Finally we have just the top on its own with a full, mid calf skirt. This skirt is from a charity shop and one of my favourites. I love high waisted at the moment and a really good way to wear this cropped top style. Very excited to road test these creations. I hope you all like them as much as I do. Let me know what you think. 

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  1. I love the variation you have done on the Anna top - it's similar to a Bettie Page dress I have and it's so cute - on that dress one side of the flap has a big button and the other has a faux buttonhole so it looks like it has been left open, which is really cute. I have been considering buying the Charlotte skirt to combine with the Anna bodice, and seeing this has convinced me that I must do it! Thanks :)

  2. Ahh im so pleased you like it. I love the idea of the button and button hole. I did think about putting buttons on the flaps, well I lie it was my mums idea. I might still give it a go. You should definitely get the Charlotte skirt. Its fun. I am looking forward to seeing your combination, I bet it will be fab. x

  3. WOW! I love the little additions you've made, and all of the outfit combinations.
    I'm new to your blog as I've been on the By Hand site today, looking for my next sewing project x

  4. Im so pleased you like the outfits. The by hand patterns are so great for combining different bits to make something different every time! Have fun with your next project x