Monday, September 2

Week Forty Five

Week forty five was a bit of trial and error. I had a go at drafting a tank top/vest myself with the intention of adding a fun neckline thanks to this months crafty creatives box. The theme for this month was a western theme with lots of cowboys and indians style craft goodies. My favorites from the box were these really sweet silver feather charms. There were quite a few and so I thought they would be lovely sewn onto a garment. So with this in mind I wanted to make a quite simple top to then jazz up. I don't have a simple top pattern so I set out to create my own. The drafting didn't go totally to plan but I know now where I went wrong to get make sure I right next time. I do think however it wasn't too bad an effort and I have worn it a few times already. I even wore it to my first official day working with the girls at by hand london and it went down quite well, I think!!

Even though the little feather charms are super sweet, my favorite part of this top is the back. This part was not planned and just kinda happened as I was sewing. I thought it would be fun to have an open backed top. I really like tops and dresses with really interesting backs, I think as I don't have much of a cleavage that it is sometimes nice to be a bit more risky with showing a bit more back. All I did was sew a single button hole and have one fastening button crossed over at the top so that the sides will fall open as they wish revealing a little flesh every now and then. oooooo fancy. In these pictures however I have a leotard type top underneath, which is also fun as it reveals a nice flowery pattern. Also keeps you a bit more warm.

I am rather happy with my first drafted top and feel a lot more confident in tailoring it now to fit better and add to it with sleeves perhaps or making it longer or shorter or maybe even a small peter pan collar. Who knows the options are endless. I hope you like the feather top! Happy stitching everyone!!!

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