Friday, September 20

Week Forty Eight

Here I am at five creations to go until I complete my year.!!!!!!! (year one - there will be more to come) I thought I needed to kick off the countdown with a real stunner and what better way to begin these five most exciting weeks than with another instalment from the ladies at ByHandLondon It is the last pattern I have to sample before they launch their new patterns, which are going to be awesome by the way. 

So the only pattern left to try was the Victoria Blazer. Here is my version of this awesome pattern. 

I found this fabric in Embsay Mills near Skipton in North Yorkshire. While at home a few weeks ago me and my mummy had a day trip out to the near by fabric shops. I had not been to Embsay mills before and my goodness it was amazing. I will definitely be going back. It is like a maze of wool and knitting rooms and quilting rooms and cross stitch rooms. Probably the most inspiring shop I have been in. This fabric leaped out from a corner in the room and was a winner. It was only £12 which is really more than I normally pay but I couldn't resist and thought it was a good price for the print. I didn't have a project in mind at the time of buying, I originally thought maybe a skirt would be fun. Something quite simple so not to distract from the pattern. After holding on to it for a week or so I thought it would be perfect for this blazer pattern. It's such a simple, clean line pattern that this would unsure the print would not get lost or cut up too much. Perfect! I wasn't disappointed as it came together really well. 

I went for a soft black lining. A Blazer pattern like this provides a lot of options for fun lining patterns and there are a lot out there. However as much as I love a contrasting print and colour I really didn't want to go too far with this one so a plain black was definitely the best choice. 

 When laying out the pattern pieces onto the fabric I took real care with placing them to make the most of the print and all the individual columns. It took quite a while but was definitely worth it and meant that the faces and the text were not cut up so to not loose any of the dynamics.

So here it is, number five on the final countdown. Only four more to go. There is gonna be some treats instore. Hopefully if anything goes to plan!!! I hope you all like the blazer. Let me know what you think. Enjoy and happy stitching everyone. 


  1. I love this blazer, it's great! I bought a Get Cutie skirt in a Michael Miller comic book print when I was in college and it was probably one of my favourite things, ever. I wish it still fitted me, but I'd need to alter it.

    1. Oooo have a go at altering! Anything comic strip is far fun to not be worn!!!

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  2. Matt says he wants you to make him a shirt! teehee x

  3. Hahaha this is amazing! It's really smile inducing!
    And that fabric is £15 a metre in Sam Taylor's in Leeds so you've found a bit of a bargain. Well done!