Thursday, August 22

Week Forty Four - By Hand London


A very good friend of mine Jennie B who is also my boyfriends lovely sister last week pointed out that I didn't have a week thirty six. You can imagine my horror when reading this thinking oh my goodness I have missed a whole weeks creation!! Very scary thought. However after going back and counting the weeks thankfully I was still on track and just needed to go back and change the numbers! phew!! What a relief! So thank you again jennie. It does mean that I had to get rid of my fun new countdown on the pictures but will definitely go back and re-do these at some point. 

Week forty four is quite a special one. The pattern I used was the Anna Dress from By Hand London I was given the pattern by Elisalex which was awesome. This happened because the greatest adventure is about to start as I am going to start working for By Hand London at the beginning of next month. I shall be the intern! whoop! I am very excited and can't wait to learn as much as I can about pattern design. Hurrah!!! Thank you ladies! 

Having already used the Elisalex dress pattern for many different creations I couldn't wait to give the Anna Dress a go and it definitely did not disappoint. It was so lovely to work through and probably the most flattering shape dress I have seen. Especially with the thigh high split! very fun.  

The pattern also comes with this really fun label for you to sew in. It gives your dress a really lovely professional finish. 

I got the fabric from John Lewis on sale at £8.50 pm. I was drawn in by the lovely green colour although at first I thought that it would be a lot of green but I think or rather I hope I can pull it off. I will need a very special occasion to wear it or maybe just to the shops in a pair of trainers could work too. lol! we will see! 

I hope you all like this weeks creation. I love it. Very happy with the pattern and super happy for my new work adventure! I already have many plans for other Anna Dresses and hopefully one for a wedding next year! Let me know what you think and happy stitching everyone!!!

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