Saturday, August 10

Week Forty One

Week forty one was a crochet adventure. Issue thirty of Mollie Makes was full of exciting DIY creations and one that took my eye was to crochet around chain to make a lovely bracelet. You can see the bracelet on the cover below. The pattern included beads which I chose not to use. Although the pattern was very simple to follow I just kinda made it up as I went along and used a very simple double crochet stitch around the chain, which turned out quite well I think. 

Mid week I had made this very cute but very simple green gathered skirt. My initial intention was to crochet some patch pockets to attach to the front however my ideas didn't go quite to plan and I had to abandon proceedings. I couldn't quite get the attachment of the pockets quite right and therefore some more planning is needed. Instead, after seeing this fun idea in Mollie Makes I decided to give it a go and make a belt type thing to attach to the waistband of my skirt. I had quite a big gold chain in my jewellery making box and thought this would be both a great size and a great colour to use with the  yellow wool.

Here is a fun bracelet version I made using black chain. Again I love the yellow wool and how bold it is against the gold and the black chain here. It was really fun making these chains and pretty quick to do. I think a whole wrist of crocheted chains would look pretty awesome. 

So I have almost caught up with myself and my creations after a week away. I am absolutely loving crochet at the moment and have a few ideas up my sleeve. I will go back to my crochet pockets at some point because I think they could look super fun and great for up-cycling a skirt or dress and even a top. Week forty twos's creation has a crochet theme also so stay tuned and happy stitching.  

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