Sunday, August 11

Week Forty Two

In week forty two my crochet adventure continued. I decided to use the same technique as last week to crochet around earrings. I had some large, gold hooped earrings that I never really wear very much and could have done with a revamp so thought I would practice my new crochet skills to add some excitement to a relatively dull looking pair. 

I guess I should probably explain where all my excitement for crochet has come from. Last week I got this book from Waterstones for £12.99. I really love the DK collections and have a couple of sewing step by step guides. They are really great for learning new techniques and they also come with a few easy projects which are great for ideas. I highly recommend them to any sewing or crochet beginner.

These are a few exciting crochet earrings I found online. They have given me some good ideas for my next crochet earring adventure. I especially like the gold thread used in the last one. I think a metallic earring could be really fun to make. 

I hope you like my earrings. I think you should all give it a go. All you need is some wool, a pair of plain hoops, a crochet needle and a double crochet stitch know how. Just follow this link for some help. Happy stitching!!

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