Monday, July 15

Week Thirty Eight - Colette pattern number two

So the sun has been shining all over the country for quite some time now and although really awesome to have some sunshine it is almost a little too hot for me and so productivity is slipping slightly. This does mean once again that my post writing is also slipping, however my sewing is not. Here is week thirty eight's adventure. 

This is my second use of a colette pattern and it was as exciting as the first. I began to realise that, although I was very happy and excited by my creations that I was creating clothes that I couldn't wear that often and were for more occasion than everyday and so I wanted to create a few things I could wear for work and casually. This skirt pattern I thought would be great.

To make this creation even more work appropriate and easy to wear I though black would be a good colour choice so it would go with a lot of things. I chose a lime green lining just for fun and you can see it popping out of the pockets and top hem. Even with a pink top is goes quite well. 

The buttons are a mix of John Lewis, some I picked out for other projects and didn't use and the top two are white flowery ones (sorry this is hard to see in these pictures) a free gift from Mollie Makes magazine. I think I am getting better at button holes. I still have lots to practice but will have fun getting there!! Week thurty nine's creation is turning out to be one of my favourites so stay tuned!! Happy sewing! 

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