Monday, July 22

Week Thirty Nine

For week thirty nine's creation I had a go at drafting and making my own skirt without a pattern. With a little help from online DIY tutorials it wan't too difficult to work out what to do. Of course there were quite a few tricky spots on the way to overcome. The biggest tricky area was the front panel and working out the folds for the button area. With the help of my dressmakers dummy it was easier to get the skirt to hang properly. 

Oooooo swooshy....

I chose this light pale yellow colour for the fabric. With the weather at the moment I thought it would be a lovely summer skirt and good for my holiday coming up. Also it looks great with a black waistband and buttons making it easy to pair with other colours and styles. The top I am wearing is actually one of my H&M skirts but doubles up as a top quite well. 

In my little tub of mixed buttons I found this awesome skull and cross bone button. I think my mum had taken them off one of my sisters dresses and didn't like them. I love the way it looks on this skirt. Gives a little edge to quite a girly style skirt. 

I am rather pleased with this pleated skirt. Next I think a blue, short version would be quite fun!! 

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