Monday, July 8

Week Thirty Seven

Week thirty seven features the Sencha blouse from Colette patterns. Last week I took myself on a little trip to Ray Stitch on Essex road with some pattern buying in mind. I knew that Ray Stitch stocked colette patterns, of which I dont find often so fancied getting a couple while I was there and this blouse pattern I thought was just lovely. I have needed, for a while to practice my button hole skills and haven't made many tops so thought this pattern would be great for this weeks creation. 


Everything was going so well until this happened.......!!!!

Well I put down my scissors, I walked away and sat in the other room for quite some time. I managed to get myself off the bed and headed back to survey the damage. My boyfriend Matt helped me with this sewing disaster in saying 'If this was the Great British Sewing Bee' what would you do? I thought about it and many cover ups came to mind.....

A lovely bow, it had to be. Crisis avoided!!!! Whoop! and Thank you Matt.

I love the deep pleats in this pattern. I think they work well with the type of fabric. The top fits really nicely and will look great tucked into a high waisted skirt. 

Finished off with some rather cute yellow buttons and the Sencha blouse is complete. A teeny bit wonky perhaps but my button holes are improving. 

I was very pleased with my first Colette pattern. It was really easy to follow and helps out with a very handy glossary in the back. Highly recommended! There may be another Colette pattern next week. Stay tuned! 

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