Saturday, June 29

Week Thirty Six

For week thirty six we see a return to spots. I love this fabric so much and have now used it for two creations. Back in week twenty six I used it to make a blazer. 

I had first found the fabric while visiting home so the only way to use the same fabric was to ask a little favour from my mum who very nicely sent me some more in the post. I have had the fabric for quite some time and not totally sure what I wanted to make with it. I thought it had to be something very exciting indeed. 

Crafty Creatives box twelve arrived with this amazing fabric. There was only a fat quarter size so not a large amount for a full dress creation and so had to be combined with something else. Straight away I thought the polka dot would look great, and it did. 

A couple of weeks ago I used the McCalls pattern above for the first time for a grey skirt. I wasn't very happy with the outcome of this creation so I think I had an itch to do something better with the same pattern and improve on my mistakes. I loved the pockets so much and the way they hang and thought it would look great on a dress. What better bodice pattern to combine the skirt with than with the Elisalex dress from By Hand London. This pattern has definitely become my very favourite. Its so versatile  everyone should get one. 

I used the polka dot for the majority of the pattern and then used the crafty creatives fabric for the side panels. I love the way the fabric falls down into the pockets. Because the skirt pattern was in two panels for the front I had to alter the pattern pieces slightly so that it created one piece. It also took quite a while to align the gathers so to accurately line up the different materials at the pocket and side bodice seams. I really took my time with this as I know I can rush these bits, but I really wanted to make it right and it was worth it in the end as they line up so well. I was very proud. 

I have macaroons in my pocket....

I absolutely love this creation. Sadly though it is so not my colour! lol! Think I might need a spray tan or something to wear it. Nah nothing that dramatic! Anyway I hope you like it and again let me know what you think.

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