Monday, June 10

Week Thirty Three

After being on holiday and feeling quite relaxed after a couple of complex creations the weeks before I fancied doing something as equally exciting but a little more relaxed and earrings I thought was the perfect thing to make. This came even easier after finding these amazing little skulls in a shop on holiday in Garda. I got three small ones and three larger ones, so hopefully a necklace is to follow. After buying the skulls my mind went on a little wonder and one of the first things that came into my head was to combine them with the beautiful tear drop gems above from box 11 from Crafty Creatives

Box 11 was full of glamour and many exciting gems. On the left are a few swarovski crystals which I had to use and thought they would help set the skulls nicely in-between the tear drops and the findings. On the right is the kit which is to make a decorative beaded hair clasp, very much looking forward to making that. 

I hope you like the earrings. Like I said there will be a necklace made soon. I might even do that today. Ooo exciting. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Happy blogging!

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