Friday, June 21

Week Thirty Five - Bows a go go!

For this weeks creation I have taken inspiration from this months issue of Mollie makes. I have only purchased a couple of mollie makes but both issues have been pretty awesome and think I am gonna sign up soon for a subscription. They are packed full of inspiration and a joy to read. The free gift this month was to create your very own crochet bow brooch. The colour of wool they provide was so eye catching that I couldn't wait to give it a go. I have only crocheted one thing before, which was a little mouse. The patten came with one of my crafty creatives boxes last year some time and it was really fun to learn but haven't given it a go since. I really wanted to re-learn the basic stitches and it was lot quicker to pick up this time so made it even more enjoyable. 

To my absolute joy the magazine didn't just come with the bow pattern, it also provided an amazing beginners guide to crochet, which really helped me get back the basics and understand the abbreviations. Because I don't really enjoy reading instructions, the little illustrations were so easy to follow. So after a little practice I was well on my way. 

Here is what I made. Again I  think the colour is so pretty and looks great with the pattern the stitches make. I did make a couple of alterations. One was instead of attaching a brooch back, which was provided in the pack I decided to use a hair pin back instead. I love hair accesseries and thought I would wear it more if I had the option.  The other alteration was to wrap the wool around the centre instead of a crocheted middle. I have to be honest and this was very simple because I was so excited to finish and start my next idea that it was a lot quicker this way. Very sorry for my impatience!

Below is why I was so excited and keen to finish is because I couldn't wait to start this wire, crochet bow. I had seen wire crochet before in a jewellery magazine and I bought all the bits to have a go. Started and failed quite quickly. I think at the time it was just too much of a task for me. However, after grasping the basics in crochet I thought right this is the time to get stuck in and give it another go. I also thought a bow would be a little more simple because it is just a long, folded rectangle. 

And here it is. I had to add a little skull. This is the other style of skull bead I bought on holiday in Garda and happy to have a project that I could use them in. I think it looks quite fun. It gives the bow a different style, something a bit quirky and fun, I think. 

Again I added a hair clip on the back but I think this style could be used for any accessory for example a necklace or a bracelet would be lovely. I know that I am only suppose to make and post one creation a week but what the hey I thought I would show you both and I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. 

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