Saturday, May 11

Week Twenty Nine

This week is monochrome! and a little revisit to the peplum. Love a peplum and I think as I keep making them they get a little better each time. So I don't really have a huge amount to say this week, not a great way to start a post ha! but I think I will let the pictures show what I got up to. 

This is just a little theme starter! not the fabric sadly. Would love some fabric like this though. 

Above are a few little ideas I found on the net. I really love the elegance of the lace. Peplums are so fun to wear and great for covering up a little belly! 

Below is a collection of my peplums. Looking back at them, like I said earlier I do think I might be getting a little better at them. Especially the design ideas. This monochrome idea is definitely my favourite. 

Week six
Week Eight 
Week Nineteen

The patterns I used for this creation was a mix of the Vogue peplum pattern I got from which I used for the other peplum projects and the Elisalex dress from By hand London This pattern I used in last weeks creation to make the green dress. I loved the neckline so much, especially the V back, very pretty so I wanted to use it again and thought it would be great for the bodice of this peplum. 

And here it is.  A mix of faux leather, actually a fabric left over from week six's peplum and a white, flower lace I got when back at home one time. Together they made this fun top. I dont normally wear black leggins but they seemed perfect especially with the white socks. ha! I hope you all like it. I hope you all like it. 


  1. This is amazing very well done too! I wish I could be as good as you I have to make two garments for my fashion course and I also got my patterns from sew direct will be starting my designs soon :O scary stuff! Loved this though it looks amazing on you and the lace tees xx

    1. I would love to be doing a fashion course. Jealous! Thank you for the comments in glad you like it! I went by your blog! Super fun.