Friday, May 3

Week Twenty Eight - The Elisalex Dress

This is my Elisalex dress from a pattern by 'BY HAND LONDON', which is a London based company owned by Charlotte Hintzen and Elisalex De Castro Peake. I had seen this pattern on a few blogs and was instantly drawn in by the packaging design. Having a graphic design degree, I think makes me easily drawn in by these things but I think anyone would be interested by its unique style. Because I was already giddy by the outside, the thought of what was inside was even more exciting. 

The dress patten it holds is such a beautiful shape and a definite template from which many, many different styles could be created. A description taken from their website states "The designs themselves are an up-to-date take on classic silhouettes and so act as a canvas for your unique look"

I had to buy one and for £12, which normally is a little more than I would pay for a pattern but for this I made an exception. 

Opening up the packaging and pulling all the bits out was a delight, even reading through the instructions was fun and I never enjoy reading instructions. I couldn't wait to get cutting and sewing. 

I thought that for this creation I needed a really lovely fabric that would go well with my colouring so could be worn in pride for a special occasion or just on a summers day. 

This heavy cotton I found in John Lewis for £8 metre, which I didn't think was too bad and due to the weight would be great for the tulip skirt. The colour is bright and fun and teamed with these sweet little yellow buttons would be even better. I got quite a few with the intentions of a full strip down the front, however I only decided to use a couple. 

I am super pleased with how it turned out. The skirt sits perfectly and baloons out just enough. It's going to be a treat to wear and I can't wait. 


  1. Firstly, congratulations on your 52 week challenge, it's a fantastic idea. This Elisalex Dress is so lovely and thank you so much for sharing. The buttons addition is a great shout. Really wonderful to hear kind words about our packaging from the mouth of a designer as well!

    1. Hey Charlotte. Thank you so much i'm so pleased you like the dress. The pattern was really fun to use. I have used the bodice pattern again for another project which will be posted soon so hopefully you could pop back and have a look. The packaging definitely added to my excitement of getting stuck in with making the dress! Great Fun!

  2. 52 weeks is such a great idea! Love the colour of this dress too :)

    1. Thank you! Im amazed at how quickly the weeks are going! I need to plan my next adventure!