Thursday, April 4

Week Twenty Four

A few months ago now in one of my monthly crafty creatives box I received a needle felting kit. I have made some felt before using different techniques but not given it a go since A Level art so I was super excited to receive this and learn a new technique. 

In the kit you got a piece of foam, some felt and a needle. The process itself is very simple and I couldn't quite believe how easy it was to do. The kit also provided the instructions and ideas on how to male some very lovely leaves. Below was my first attempt. I dont think it was very successful and definitely could have done better with the light green colour. Anyway I loved the process of needle felting and had a few ideas. It wasn't until earlier this week I actually got a chance to create something. I am useless for sticking to an idea. I do like to dabble so I was pleased I pursued my original idea of making a necklace. 

This was the needle provided in the crafty creatives box. After doing a little research on the internet about needle felting and the possibilities, I discovered you can use multiple needles. Well I have to get myself one. 

Here it is in its glory. Love it. It kinda looks like a little alien from Star Trek or something. 

I also got myslef a few more exciting colours. This type of thing excites me some what. They look so pretty all together. Kinda don't want to use them. Ha!

And here is what I did. I absolutely love the bow at the top. Its almost like a bow tie. Very fun. I found some really fun chains from Forever21 and themed the felt around them. Im not totally sure about the size. I might experiment with different sizes and more than one, maybe. I dunno yet. Anyway I hope you like them? I think they are quite fun as a statement piece. Let me know what you think. 


  1. These are awesome, love the heart and the bow, great ideas.

    1. Hey Thank you. im glad you like them and super easy to do.