Tuesday, April 9

Week Twenty Five - Lots of spots!

Week twenty five, almost half way, which both excites and scares me a little. This project has taught me a lot so far and can't wait to see what I come up with for the next half. One step at a time though and for this week I took inspiration from Erdem S/S 2013 collection. The prints and colours I absolutely adore. I think the hem lengths are very beautiful and elegant and very much what I enjoy wearing at the moment. 

From the image above the dress second from the right stood out to me. I love the skirt with the two different fabrics and the fun pleats. I was excited by the idea of mixes two fabrics to create a more interesting skirt so with this in mind here is what I did. 


I have had a growing connection to polka dots just recently and picked up this pink fabric from the fent shop in Shipley, West Yorkshire when back at home over Easter. I love this shop its got so many different fabrics to choose from and is a fair bit cheaper than London. The polka dot was £4 a metre and the white flower lace was only £2.50 for a metre and a half. Amazing!. So after purchasing these I thought they would make a lovely match for creating a skirt perfect for Spring. 

New Look 6824

Here is the pattern I used and adapted for this project. I have used this pattern so many times, I advise everybody to go out a buy it for it will supply many a project for home sewing. 

And here is what I made. I think its quite pretty, very little house on the prairie but fun. 

I think this skirt is going to be great for the summer months with a little vest top and some flip flops. I will most likely wear it before the summer but will be great for the holiday suitcase. I hope you all like it too?

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