Friday, March 29

Week Twenty Three

For week twenty three's creation I wanted to play around with creating my own pleats and patterns for a dress using my new dressmakers dummy. Here is what I did. 

This fabric I found in John Lewis. It was pretty expensive but I couldn't resist. I only used one metre for a bodice and skirt, which helped on cost. I matched it with a solid black to create the skirt. I used a pattern for the bodice and under skirt to give me a simple base and then laid the black fabric around the waist to create the over skirt with pleats. 

The image above shows the completed dress. I wanted the skirt underneath to be on show, almost like a hint of petticoat. I think it works quite well. The back is also lower than the front, which helps the pleats to stand out, almost like a tulip skirt. 

And there we have it. Another dress to squeeze into my wardrobe. Hehe! I hope you like it. 

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  1. The print is lovely, can see why it was irresistable. Still suitably envious of your kit, and being able to have it near and use it. Missing my machine so much as you're totally inspiring me to sew again.