Wednesday, March 27

Week Twenty Two

Very sorry for the late post. The past month has been incredibly busy and I haven't had a lot of time to create or blog or even think about stuff to create. Grr! So this post may be a short one but it will show you what I have been up to. 

Even though I have been super busy with other projects I was able to fit in this creation in time for week twenty two but not had the time to tell anyone about it. But don't fear for it is here! It was a really fun dress to create and I have enjoyed wearing it already too. 

New Look 6093
The pattern I used I had seen in John Lewis many times but they never had it in stock so I got it online instead from simplicitynewlook. I really like that the design is simple but has very interesting areas like the neckline and the panels in the skirt so depending on fabric could be very different in style. 

The fabric I chose is a brown and white polka dot form my local fabric store for £4.95 a metre. I used one and a half metres. The fabric creates a really fun retro style. 

Here is the final dress. I love brown and pastel blue together so thought it would be fun with this belt and I had made it a little too big so the belt definitely fixes that. 

I love these side panels that sit over the hip. It creates a really nice shape. Although sadly, as you can see they don't match up. Grr! They will next time!!

Week Twenty three is almost complete and will be ready to show you all tomorrow - fingers crossed! Which hopefully means I will then be back on track with my postings. It's funny, although not surprising to me that I can keep up with the sewing and creating part but not the writing part. I will try harder! hehe!. 

Let me know your thoughts about my brown, retro style dress. I hope you like it. 

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