Tuesday, February 12

Week Sixteen

Hello to all, sadly the last week or so have not been the best. Struck down with tonsillitis has sadly meant that I am a week behind on my creations. AHHHHH!!!! its disappointing yes but its nice to finally feel better and I can now get down to some sewing. 

I finished this dress in time for week sixteen, date ending 6th Jan but not been able to blog about it and therefore week seventeen (deadline date 13th - tomorrow) has been pushed back. I do have a plan though and a day off today to hopefully start creating and have two pieces before next week. Anyways on with the dress. 

So here are my fabric choices for week sixteens creation. The above piece I found on a market stall in Angel. It was £3 for two metres, absolute bargain. Its a beautiful light cotton, perfect for a flowy dress. The polka dot top was a charity shop find for about £4. I have had it in my wardrobe for quite a while and not worn it until the other day I tried it out for work and just didn't enjoy wearing it. I think it was the shiny black satin and the ugly buttons. It just isn't really me. So I thought why not use the fun polka dots, leave the satin behind and turn it into something else. 

I, by chance had this idea to use the polka dots the same day I purchased the flowery, red fabric so without really much thought I decided to put them together. I think they work. 

Very Easy Vogue V8723 - www.sewdirect.com

This is the pattern I chose. One i've had in the collection for a long time and not had the inspiration to bring it to life but for this project I thought it would be perfect. Just simple enough. My plan was to use the flowery fabric for most of the dress including the full skirt, the front bodice and front bodice lining. 
I then wanted to use the sheer polka dots for the back bodice. Due to the fabric being so sheer I had to make some adjustments to the zip placement in that I didn't want to cut through the back, because it is such a statement area so decided to add a side zip instead. 

Here is the final dress from the front. I was a little disappointed with the placement of the gathers on the skirt. I just hate gathering. I think it's probably a problem with my patience. eek! but im still enjoying it and works for me. I really love the pattern of the fabric, looks really sweet - could be dressed up 
or down. 

And here is the back. tadar!! a little bit exciting and risky but combined with the fabric still sweet 
and girly. 

SO even though this week wasn't the most fun and I have had to put my sewing on hold, which didn't even help because I missed it too much this dress turned out alright and I am looking forward to wearing it when I can leave the house without 50 million layers on. I shall wear it in the house until then. What do you think? I hope you like it. 


  1. Hello!
    I have this dress pattern. I like yours. Very daring back!
    I nominated you for an award today.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey thank you. The back is fun but it was tricky. The sheer fabric was horrible to work with. Wont go near it again for a while. Im scared lol! Thank you for the nomination.