Saturday, February 2

Week fifteen - button button, who's got the button

This week I got a little distracted by a new toy and so I apologise for the delay in post. Week fifteens creation was actually finished in record time and already been worn - madness I know - but I have not been able to find the time to tell you all about it, until now - so here we go. 

While on a little adventure to Waterstones to find myself some new books to help me sew better I came across this little gem. Its a button making kit. I of course instantly assumed it was for making buttons as in the ones you sew onto things, but no they are actually badges, which at first was a little disappointing. However I then thought well no badges are still fun. So I purchased and left Waterstones very happy indeed.   

The button Factory £12 from Waterstones

Inside you get some fun, vibrant fabrics, 25 badges to create and the tools you need to do it. They are really simple and quick to do and fun to play with different fabrics. 

Here are a couple of ideas. The one on the left is some of the fabric that came with the kit. It's the fabric I liked the most but it's still not really my style. The one on the left is fabric from my box of scraps. I love this fabric and think it looks lovely used with a badge. I definitely recommend everyone go and buy the kit. They are really fun to make and very personal touches to an outfit. 

So onto this weeks creation. After last weeks skirt mishaps on the pleats and not getting them totally right, I really wanted to try it again so thought I would tackle the same pattern but make the 
whole dress this time.

Here is a reminder of the pattern. 

Here is the chosen fabric.

I picked up this fabric with last weeks, on sale again at John Lewis. I believe it was £4 a metre. I really love the pattern and colour but also its quite light in weight so knew it would work well for this project as these pleats need to hang nicely. 

I got the pleats right! Woohoo! Super pleased with that. I think it looks lovely and really getting into long, below the knee hem lengths at the moment so this pattern was great for that. 

So because I was so excited about the new button kit I made lots of them in this fancy fabric, above you can see a couple of them down the front. I think they add a bit a interest to, I think quite a plain dress (for me anyway) I also had to add a different one in a totally contrasting fabric just to add, you know a little bit extra. 

Here they are in their glory, down the front of the dress. 

Very pleased with week 15 and as I said before I have already worn it, which is always a good sign. For me that definitely means I'm happy with it. Hope you all agree?

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