Saturday, February 16

Week Seventeen

So due to my illness last week week seventeen had to be delayed slightly. Only just though as here it is and it's almost like a little collection. I have made not just one collar but three different ones. They are all good for different occasions and were very easy and fun to make. 

The first one is made from a really light brown jersey. The same fabric I used for my jersey dress a few weeks back. It's super soft fabric and therefore really comfy to wear. Very simple too, which is good for lots of different outfits. 

The second collar is a little more sweet and girly. Made from a jersey again, with this really nice cutout pattern running through it. For this collar I have added a really cute little heart button. Very fitting with the girly style I think. The buttons were a christmas gift from my boyfriends sister Jennie. Amazing present and excited to use them. 

The third collar is a little more flashy. This beautiful green and pink fabric I absolutely love, it was quite expensive at £9.95 per metre so I have been using it sparingly but I thought great for a statement collar. However I do think its bordering on 'clown' but thats ok with me! :0)

So there is week seventeen and I am getting back on track, which makes me very happy. Week eighteen will be posted by the end of this creative week (20th) so stay tuned. 

I hope you like the collars. I know there are three creations and im not sure if thats breaking the rules but I guess I write the rules and love the collars so all is good. Let me know what you think. 

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