Tuesday, February 19

Week Eighteen

For the second creation this week to get me back on track and to complete week eighteen I decided to make a very simple pencil dress. I love this silhouette and hem line at the moment. I have a couple of skirts, one blue and one stripy that I purchased from Primark and wear them a lot. They are great for work but also can be dressed up very easily. What I haven't been able to find is a dress in a fabric I like. So of course the only thing to do is make one. So I did.


This is the fabric I chose. Really soft, stretchy and perfect for a close fitting dress. 

Here is the final dress. I wore it out the other night and got some good responses. 
I hope you all like it too. 

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  1. Rachael Conroy!! How are you!? This blog is amazing and so is this dress! I am a sucker for pencil skirts so this is totally up my alley. Too bad you don't ship to Singapore eh mate? ;) - Ida Larrazabal