Monday, February 25

Week nineteen - crafty stripes

This weeks creation was inspired by this months crafty creatives box of goodies. The theme for box 8 was spots and stripes. For me I think this is the greatest box so far. There are so many exciting treats inside and I can't wait to get stuck in with all my ideas. The first idea I had I am going to share with you now. 

Here are a few images of all the beautiful gems and above is an image of probably my favourite item. These amazing stripy and spotty straws are so much fun. I think I might cut them up and make some earrings from them. Hmm we will see how that goes. 

Here are two funky fabrics also inside the box. The above green spots is a waxy, almost lino type material and the blue and white stripes is a lovely cotton fat quarter. I absolutely love the vibrancy of the blue. It's really striking and bold. I had to use it for a piece of clothing. So my idea was to make a peplum top using the pattern below. 

This is a pattern I have used before and its so easy and versatile. You can combine many different fabrics and length of sleeve etc.  

I have combined the grey jersey I used for last weeks dress as it's a really easy fabric to work with and comfy to wear. Also I think it is simple enough to combine with the bold stripes. I had just enough material to create this statement back using the stripes. 

It was a very simple piece to make and I think quite fun with jeans or a plain skirt. It's also really comfy so I can wear it for work, which is always a plus. I think I would have probably made the sleeves slightly shorter, looking back. However I am pleased and thank you to crafty creatives again for an awesome box of inspiration. 

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  1. ooo this looks great!
    I love it <3

    I'd like to do this
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