Monday, March 11

Week Twenty - Tasty FIMO Treats

For last weeks creation I embarked on the world of fimo clay jewellery. In box 8 from crafty creatives I received some modelling clay and instructions on how to create a couple of charms. This sparked my visual research into clay charms and all the exciting things that can be made. While looking around I came across these adorable little cakes. I have seen many cake and fruit charms before but not thought about how they were made so got very giddy at the thought of doing this myself.
Unfortunately the colours I received from crafty creatives were not suitable for some tasty delights, but will be great for other ideas down the line. However my boyfriend was given some fimo clay from his mum at christmas which worked out perfectly. I firstly watched a couple of youtube videos just to get some ideas about how the cakes were created and then started playing. 

Here is the cake before baked. I chose red and white and then attempted some strawberries for the top. I think they are cute but I definitely need practice. Before baking I pushed in some pins so they can be made into jewellery. 

So as you can see the baking process had a few complications. I think I need to clean my oven lol! So what was a cream and strawberry victoria sponge is now, I guess chocolate and strawberry. Still very tasty I think. 

To complete a fun style of earring I added some little black skulls. I love that mix of cutesy with a little edge. I think they are fun. I hope you agree. 

Lastly I made a necklace to match. I made this in the same style and with a delicate chain, which I did receive with box 8 from crafty creatives. I am pleased with my first fimo creation. It was super fun to do and I will practice as much as I can so I can create more and hopefully be a bit more daring with the design in the process. 

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