Friday, January 25

week fourteen

Ahhhhhh watch out for the crazy pattern!!! This little gem I found on sale at John Lewis. I fell in love with it instantly. I always like to look for a print that I can make the most out of the little bits that don't get used. With such a lovely, fun print I thought that the possibilities with this were endless. Since making this weeks creation I have used the fabric to make hair bows, buttons and broaches. 

burda 7132

While in John Lewis picking up some discount fabrics I browsed through the pattern catalogues and usually I get really disappointed with John Lewis and every pattern I like the look of they have sold out of. Except for this one. I thought it was such a fun pattern with lots of different pieces to make, including a jacket, which I am looking forward to doing. I was amazed this wasn't also sold out and super excited to buy one. 

I thought that a full dress in this crazy fabric was probably going a little too far so instead I opted for making the skirt. The sharp edges created by the pleats, I thought would work well with the strong cotton material. 

Here is one side of the pleats. Love it. However, its not right but I don't think I really mind. It still looks fun and hangs well so I am pleased. 

I hope everyone likes the skirt. I really like it and especially with my new jumper from H&M - on sale for £7. I think they are a good match.  Twee yet a little bit mad. Perfect. 


  1. This looks amazing! And it's such a lovely fabric too! xxx

  2. I love it, another awesome creation- fabric is an lovely twist on the skirt.