Tuesday, January 1

Week Ten

So christmas has come and gone for another year, which is the most sad but it was a really fun one this year. I didn't have to work so that definitely made it enjoyable. I went home to Yorkshire just before christmas and had a lovely time catching up with family and then Birmingham to spend time with my boyfriends family, which was also great. So there was lots of fun to be had but this did mean not a lot of time for creating or blogging. However I did manage to make some very sweet little earrings for my week ten creation, which I am going to share with you all. 

Just before christmas, box six from crafty creatives arrived. It was filled with some really wintery gems and I was instantly inspired to make something to go with many a christmas outfit, to be worn at home and seeing family.

Here are a few little bits from the box, little gems and crystals. Don't they all look wintery and snowy like little coloured icicles. 

So with the icicle theme in mind I thought of a drop style earring. I picked out two very shiny and fun snowflake beads from the box to use and with some thin chain that I had in my jewellery making collection. I linked everything together, bending some of the links to secure around the snowflakes. Finishing with the earring at the top to complete. And there we have it, a very sweet pair of wintery earrings. Simple but so lovely, plus they go with everything. From casual to party dress. 

I hope everyone likes them. Let me know what you think. 

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