Friday, December 21

Week Nine

Its Christmas and its time to party. Well I don't do that much partying but I do like to wear party dresses. I had been planning to make a party dress for quite a few weeks and had a fabric in mind. I had previously seen a really nice white net with black reindeers but ofcourse I should have bought it when I first saw it because it sold out. Meh! However on returning to the shop I couldn't be dissappointed anymore because this is what I found.
Oh yes! Can you think of anything more festive!? I love it! It's a really soft black net with one side of gold snow flakes and the reverse the same flakes are sliver. So when layered together you get this awesome mix. This to me meant only one thing - a full, layered poofy skirt (very tecknical terms there)
Here are a couple of other bits I picked up. To go with the net I thought this black suede would work really well. It's just enough fancy and luxurious but not too over the top, which is what the skirt is, so wouldn't want the top to be also. ha! The black chain was a little bit of an after thought and something I found while my fabric was being measured. In the shop I go to a lot, there is an aisle just of ribbons, amazing. So in amongst these ribbons I found the black chain. I thought it would make a pretty cool belt to give the girly look maybe a little more edge.

 Just a little inspiration before I got started.
When trying to find a nice party dress a lot of them are quite strappy and not a lot of fabric so I added a little sleeve because I dont like little straps or low neck lines and I always get too hot if I wear another top. This way I can feel comfortable without getting hot. Perfect.
I wnated to show the pleats here. I think they worked out so well and really makes the 
layers poof out.  

 Here you can really see the layers with all the different gold and silver snowflakes, which definitely makes me feel very festive and I can't wait till christmas.
My party dress had its first outing at my work christmas do. It went down well.
Looking forward to wearing it again. What do you think?


  1. wow! your dress looks amazing! wish i could make something like that! xxx

    1. Thank you! it was definitely fun to do and not too difficult either. you should give it a go.

  2. Ooh this is gorgeous, love that netting! :)

    1. thank you. thats really sweet. the netting is fun isn't it. and only £1.50 a metre. amazing!