Thursday, January 3

Week Eleven Tulip

Week Eleven has been a week for bright colour. My last few creations, I have loved but have all been quite dark colours and a little more simple and I think I need to shake things up a little bit. For Christmas my boyfriends lovely sister Jennie got me the cutest bag of heart buttons and this amazing Cynthia Rowley skirt pattern. 

I decided to make skirt B. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to do the belt but it was still there as an option. I thought the pattern was enough fun to be interesting but simple enough to work with a colourful print. 

Here is the fabric I have chosen. It was an absolute steal from Keighley market. I think it was about £5 for 4 metres. I have already made a dress using this fabric and wear it quite a lot so knew a skirt in the same material would be great to have in the wardrobe and won't get pushed to the back. 

I love wearing non-matching clothes, contrasting fabrics and colours, it might be a little unusual but I think its fun. Above is a little collections of scrap fabric and fat quarters I have picked up over the years. I love how they are so different and clash. I wanted to incorporate this into the skirt. 

This is the fabric I have gone for. As you can see it's not different in colour but was the only piece that jumped out at me to compliment the flowers on the other fabric but contrasts in style. 

And here we have the final skirt. It's floaty and fun, light and easy to wear. I love how the contrasting fabric turned out, just as a little hint at the back and very different to the front waistband. 

I couldn't quite fit in the whole of me so sorry my head is missing, but you get to see the skirt, which is the main thing so what do you think?  I hope you like it. 


  1. Oh wow, that skirt looks amazing! And it's such a lovely fabric/pattern! xxx

  2. Mmmm I may have to venture to keighley market for such gorgeous fabric. Well done you!

    1. Its a really good place to get some fun, cheap fabric. Any market around there is good. I wish there were markets like it in London.