Thursday, January 17

Week Thirteen - leafy

For this weeks creation I have taken inspiration form the dress above. I got this dress from a charity shop on Highbury corner. Definitely my favourite charity shop. Every time I go in a find something amazing. This dress is made from a really light, flowy sheer fabric. I really love the length and how it flows when you walk. I wear it a lot and would love another one in the same style but in a 
different fabric. 

Here is the fabric I found. Its a lovely blue, leafy sheer fabric from John Lewis. Its super light and flowy and I thought it would work really well for the style of dress I wanted to create. 

So for this style I needed to venture into the work of sheering. I have never used sheering elastic on a dress before but after watching a couple of youtube videos and of course the advice of my mother I think I got to grips with it so thought I would give it a go. What I learnt was that you have to hand wind the elastic around the bobbin and then use thread on the top. Sounds very simple but what I didn't realise and what I had to learn from mistake is that you have  to sew on top of the fabric and not underneath. 

Here are the beautiful elements of the dress that I wanted to re-create. How I did this was very simply to draw around the shape to create the pattern. I then transferred this on the new fabric. I don't know if this was the most professional way to do it but it worked for me and gave me the pattern to use over and over again. 

I decided to do two layers of sheering elastic for the waist, which works quite well and makes a really nice, loose fitting waistline for the dress. 

Here is the final dress I created. It's not as full in the skirt as the original, which would have been really lovely, however I am pleased with how it looks. 

These amazingly cute buttons a got from box seven's wonderland theme from the lovely people at crafty creatives and because my fabric was of a similar theme I thought they would be a nice addition. 

Awww so cute. Thank you again crafty creatives

What do you think of this weeks creation? I hope everyone likes it. 


  1. Thats one of the easiest ways to get the fit and style you want... just copy an existing garment.

    For alernative ways to copy garments you own see this book

    Good work with both dresses, a great find and a lovely make!

    1. Hey

      Thank you for the nice comment and for the tip on the book. I had seen that book before but you never no so its great to get tips.

      Cheers lady