Wednesday, December 12

Week Eight - Peplum - fun to say fun to do

For this weeks creation I have done a little before and after transformation thing. I have had this black lacy top from H&M in my bag of fabric for a while now waiting for a revamp. Never really sure what to do with it, this week it came to me (probably in a dream) to make another peplum but this one would be a little more jazzy. As the last one was more elegant. Also I dont have enough 'nice' tops in my wardrobe, most of them are silly little vest tops or tee-shirts with sharky and george on. (from a charity shope in Highbury - amazing top) Anywho this is what I did. 

Here is the top, which is from H&M probably about two and a half years ago I think. Its just a bit of a funny shape and not quite long enough for a dress. Its one of those items that I dont wear but dont want to give away because it can be altered with lots of different options. 

These are a couple of fabric ideas I thought would work well underneath the lace. Both quite bright so they will stand out behind the dark black. 

Very easy vogue V8815
The pattern I have used is a very east vogue that i picked up online at sew direct which is a really good website for browsing through patterns and they are really good value, especially is you are a member.  

Here is the final top. In this picture it looks a little wide for some reason but anyway I thought with the light behind it was good to see the mix from the top part and the peplum at the bottom. I will definitely have to wear a little vest top underneath I think. 

What do you think? I am happy. So happy, I wore it to work last night. It went down pretty well. 
More pictures to follow soon. 


  1. This is gorgeous- love it. Your DIY's and whole creations have made your blog one of my new favourites, and you're also making me totally desperate to bring my sewing machine out, even though I totally don't have the space.

    One tiny thing though- and please don't think me rude, but I'd highly recommend you turn off the word verification on your comment form- the new google ones are a nightmare to read, and I know they put some people off commenting.

    1. Hi Chloe thank you. Im glad you like my creations. They are definitely fun to do. I shall have a look at that word verification think, not quite how to do that but will give it a go.