Wednesday, November 28

Week Six Finished

I have come to the end of week six and my peplum top is complete. I have had to do a bit of playing around with the top to get it finished. I originally had the idea to add a collar and started making it out of the faux leather but then when I attached it to the top it just didn't work. It was too stiff and with the sleeves already in the same material I think it needed a softer neckline. So it got removed. A strenuous task but I got there in the end with as little damage as possible. BUT THEN I very stupidly sewed one of the sleeves on backwards! aahhhhh! nightmare! but again with a little patience, which I am pleased I have, I removed the silly sleeve and attached it again the right way round. Yay!

Very easy vogue V8815

And here it is. I am really pleased with it. It took a while to get there and I had my ups and downs and my doubts but it came together. Looking forward to wearing it and should be good for the winter months. I hope you like it and can see it? eek! I had to stand in my lovely big window to get some light. 


  1. Totally gorgeous, you should be super pleased with it for AW, bet it's cosy warm as well as an epic trend piece (that nobody else has)

  2. This is beautiful and sophisticated :)