Thursday, November 29

Crafty Creations

Day off today so what a better way to spend it than jumping into my crafty creatives box5 to see what can be made. The ribbon that came with this month is so sweet and its a really nice stiff material, which I thought would be nice for little bows. So from this idea I made some earrings. And here is what I did. 

What do you think?
Thank you again Crafty Creatives


  1. They're gorgeous! Such a good idea, i'd never think to do that with ribbon! xxx

  2. Thank you! im glad you like them. i love making bows out of all sorts and with the ribbon, it was just too cute not too. Thank you. x

  3. These are so cute, and such a good idea! This is my first Crafty Creative box, I love it.


    1. Thank you hannah I'm happy you like them. I am looking forward to wearing them!