Monday, November 26

Week Six Ideas

Week six's creation is in full swing and I have had so many ideas this week so I thought I would post my ideas so far. 

Early in the week I had a trip to Oxford Street to go to John Lewis to have a look around the most exciting department, which is of course the Haberdashery department. However I was a little disappointed in that all the patterns I found in the catalogues were sold out. Saddness. So I came home, after a little shopping of course and log into sew direct. A few days later the patterns I ordered arrived. 

The patterns I got were :
1. McCalls easy M6439, which is a pattern for 4 fun skirts with a few frills.   
2. McCalls easy M6553, which is a dress with a lot of flowy material at the back. Very excited for that one.
3. Butterick B5695, which is a selection of gloves and is on top above. I would really like a pair of leather gloves but the ones I have found in shops are either too expensive or so cheap they look like they would break! I shall make my own then its ok if they break ha!
4. Very easy Vogue V8815, which is a selection of different peplum tops. Instantly wanted to make this one. So the ideas started to roll.

Jacket from Forever21. Bow, a gift from my boyfriend from  Big Baby jewellery. 

While I was out shopping I treated myself to a couple of things, one being this delightfully fun jacket from Forever21, a shop I have fallen in love with recently. I have been looking for a leather jacket and a denim jacket for a while now but didn't want to spend too much money and didn't want a cheap looking one. This was the perfect option to go for. Love it. 

After buying the jacket and the patterns I ordered all I could think about was a design with leather sleeves I also had leather on my mind from last week and it was really nice to work with. 

Very easy Vogue V8815

With this pattern in mind I had a look around to get some inspiration and see what can be done. 

From asos

From lyst 
From Burberry
From asos
These pieces have given me the inspiration I needed. The mix of soft materials with leather will look great. Off I go!!! 


  1. Loving the idea with the sleeves, can't wait to see how this turns out. I also loved the leather skirt you did, and the cut out back dress.

    You've got me all fired up with the wish to sew, as I used to make lots of my own clothes, but having also just moved in with my partner in London, my machine is in storage at my parents house due to space issues.

    1. Hey Chloe. Thank you, im glad you like the skirt and dress. i am about to post this weeks top. i hope you like that too. i no what you mean about space issues which is why my sewing machine is tiny but hoping to get a new one soon. god knows where i will put it though. you should get your sewing machine back though its super fun!!!!