Wednesday, November 21

Week Five

I began this weeks ideas with Grazia magazine. While flicking through a few from the last month I got a little excited by the long pencil skirts. I have never really owned a nice pencil skirt, I guess apart from the ones I use to wear for work. The power skirt! lol! Anywho so I guess from this lack of a good skirt in my wardrobe, this weeks creation was decided.
Here are some clippings that stood out. I love the patterned skirts however I think to have a good skirt to go with everything I need to keep it simple. A bit like the collar last week, I want something I can easily match. On Saturday me and matt went off for lunch at a place on Church Street so while out I went to the awesome fabric shop on Stoke Newington Hightreet. Here is what I got.
Ah yes faux leather. I found a really lovely soft black faux leather and a nice brown thin wool. I got both knowing I can definitely use both of them but preferred the leather for this weeks project. I have also lately noticed Zoe Ball on Strictly come dancing, it takes two often wearing a leather pencil skirt and think it looks pretty cool. Love Strictly come dancing!! One of my dream jobs would be to work in the costume department! ooo sequins!
This is a skirt I found from Wheels and Dollbaby. Its so simple but sexy. Love it!
New Look 6824 from The Shuttle in Shipley, West Yorkshire
This is the pattern I used. A pattern I have used many times before. I did need to adjust it slightly from pleats to darts because of the type of fabric I used, it wouldn't work with pleats. It was fairly easy to do.
And here it is! a little tight, I cannot lie! but i'm pleased! I hope you like it too.

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