Friday, November 23

Crafty Creatives

Last week I subscribed to crafty creatives and earlier this week my first box arrived. It was a box of pretty awesome chrismassy crafty goodies.
In the box this month there was a pattern to crochet a little mouse. I can knit but not done it for years. I am a little impatient and knitting just takes too long but I have never learnt to crochet. So with this ball of orange wool and a pattern for a rather cute looking mouse I had to learn. So I did. It took me an afternoon just before heading off to work and above you can see my progress so far. It was fun. There was a link to a youtube tutorial called crochet guru on the pattern which was really helpful. I always find it easier to follow videos than script. Which is probably why I adapt so many patterns. I shall post the finished mouse soon.

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