Tuesday, October 15

Week Fifty One

Ahhhhhh its week fifty one! can you believe it. I can't so there we go. I have to say this challenge hasn't been easy and the last few weeks have probably been the most busy so the thought that my year is coming to an end has very mixed emotions. Yes a part of me is looking forward to a rest but the majority of me can't wait to start all over again.

Anyways I will save all of this soppy chat for the last post and on to week fifty one's creation. I realised a couple of weeks ago that I haven't ever made a shirt!!! shock horror. I don't think anyway, I can't really remember them all. I had to sneak in a shirt at some point and what better time than now. However there is a shirt and then there is a shirt dress and well if the choice was up to me, which funnily enough it was, it had to be a shirt dress and tadarr!!!

Deer and Doe are a French pattern company that are super stylish! I have been holding on to this pattern for a really long time now and just hadn't found the right materials or time. As soon as I saw this dark green material I thought it would be great for an autumny, wintery version of this dress. I felt like I needed to make it a little more girly and just a little softer so I added this rather fun granny chic floral silky fabric for the collar, sleeves and fun bow at the back. I think it achieves the slightly softer look I was going for. 

I was very pleased to feel a lot more confident going in to this creation. Not too long ago I  would have very much panicked over the many buttons and the pleats in the sleeves (sleeves in general to be honest) also this was my very first shirt collar that was attached to a shirt!!. Having made a few separate collars, I definitely felt a lot more confident tackling this one. All in all I am super pleased with the dress and will hopefully (if I can afford it) purchase a couple more Deer and Doe patterns in the future. 

So there we go 51 creations completed and only one more day left in this very exciting adventure and one more creation to make (yes I am cutting it fine) I hope everyone is as interested as I am in what it will be (as I am not totally sure yet) so stay tuned! 
Happy stitching everyone!!!


  1. Hi Rachael, I really hope you decide to do this challenge again, I think I came to your blog a bit late in the day and I've missed out on most of the posts! This dress is divine, I love the granny chic sleeves and collar, I think it will really suit you. If this is your first attempt at making a shirt collar then you've done a stunning job, it looks perfect!

  2. Can't wait to see the last creation, this dress is freakin awesome, loving the different fabrics. Hope you'll be continuing to blog your creations after the year ends!