Tuesday, October 8

Week Fifty! - Burda Madness

We have reached the fiftieth week!! well it was last week as I am a little behind on my blogging. Not much of a shock there as it is no lie that writing about my creations hasn't been easy. However the sewing does come a little easier although this one almost had me stumped with frustration. 

As the weeks count down I have been trying to focus on skills or techniques that I haven't yet tried. One technique is the madness of Burda magazine patterns. Until now I have been too overwhelmed by the layout of the patterns to give them a go but I thought I had to before the year was up. This is where we came to for week fifties creation.  

As you can see this particular Burda mag is in Italian. I had struggled to find Burda mags in a normal newsagent in England but they are everywhere over Europe so I picked one up while on holiday back in May. I guess I thought it didn't really matter about the language I didn't understand as I don't really read instructions anyway ha lol! Anyway I found a British one a few weeks ago so it was easier to navigate round with a reference. 

I saw this cute top pattern and wanted to make it since the day I bought the mag so definitely a great one to start off with. I thought the simplicity would also be great to help me get to grips with this Burda madness. 

If anyone out there doesn't know what I mean about this madness I speak of here it is. Can you imagine anything more daunting! ahhhh! Its a top not the blueprints for the white house! hehe! 

Well I overcame my fear, traced everything well with a little help of some serious coloured pen outlines. I got this very cute plant pot fabric from a shop close to home in Yorkshire. A reason to cross the path in Lancashire to go to the near by shop in Colne (I forget the name) but it's awesome. I believe it was about £6pm and I didn't need to by much so combined with some pale cream lining I already had it was quite an inexpensive piece to make.  

I chose not to add the front pocket as I thought with the plant pot pattern it would get a little too crazy. However teamed with some pretty cute, shiny buttons I feel very pleased with this creation. Once the pattern was traced and cut out it came together very easily. I think I could jump right back into another Burda pattern with a little more confidence next time. 

Happy stitching peeps. 


  1. i have some amazing Burda patterns i am desperate to try, but like you, i am discouraged by the mapping out of the pattern pieces... so you say you used coloured pens to help with this task? i really need to try this!
    your top is so pretty!

  2. Hey! Aye once I found the lines I needed I enhanced this with a thinker pen! unfortunately this will distract other patterns overlaying the one your focussing on, which may be tricky for the next time. I guess it depends how many patterns you really want to make and weather you just focus on a few or not. Hope that helps!