Tuesday, April 16

Week Twenty Six - HALF WAY!

So here I am, half way! I am a little shocked by how quickly it's gone but when I look back on what I have made and more importantly the things I have learnt it seems like so much has happened. I wanted to push myself further with this mid point stage and create something a bit more tailored and therefore more difficult. 

Along with buying the pink polka dot fabric I made my skirt from last week I also got a cream polka dot for the same price at £4.99 a metre. Then browsing the internet for ideas I found this pretty awesome jacket which was perfect for inspiration to create something similar. So I gave it a go. 


McCalls M6711

Above is the pattern I used. I couldn't wait to use this pattern and was very excited to finally get stuck in. I got it from Sew Direct online during a sale they had on McCalls patterns so the grand total for these 5 items was £3.95!!!! pretty unbelievable. Many a creation is going to come from this one tiny package. For this project I chose to make the jacket and it's meant to be easy but I had my worries. 
However I don't think I should have worried as much as I did as it wasn't as difficult as I thought. And here is what I made. 

Tadar!!!! I couldn't be happier with the jacket and it's really comfy to wear. Although a subtle colour it is a vibrant print so to be worn with plain colours I think although I got a silver peplum top the other day from H&M that I think works pretty well with it. 

And here is me wearing that exact combination during a very intense game of dungeons and dragons but I wont bore you on what I got up to at the weekend and keep to the sewing. 

So that is half way over. I wonder what the second stage will bring. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you. 


  1. Oh wow! That jacket is gorgeous! You really are very talented, wish I could make things like that! It's such a lovely colour too! xxx


    1. Hey holly. Thank you. The jacket wasn't too difficult! You should give it a go! Its fun! X