Wednesday, November 7

Week Three

It's been yet again another busy one but not with work this time. Its been a nice busy as I have been at home in North Yorkshire to see my mum, dad and sister becky. It was my dads birthday so we went to a gig to see Joan Armatrading, which was a surprise for him. Me, becky and my mum also went to a Lady at House of Colour for a makeup session. It was really good and I learnt a lot. So because I was busy with other things this week I decided to create something a little simpler and quicker but still fun to do. While at home I had a look around in my mums sewing room, its a very exciting place to be filled with lots of goodies. After looking through about four large plastic boxes piled high with fun fabrics I came across a piece of my own.
I have used the fabric for a few other little things for example a bow hair clip as you can see above. I think the trees and colour will be nice for this season. The fabric had already been cut into pieces so I must have wanted to start something and not continued. I shall finish it for this weeks project.
This is a piece of fabric I found in one of the boxes. I think it will look good with the trees. I like a little contrast.
This skirt has darts around the top instead of pleats like the skirt from the dress last week. I prefer doing pleats because they are more fun to make, however when a skirt requires darts then darts are made.
What is a project without a bow?
Here is the final skirt. I am super pleased with it and think it is a lovely addition to an autumn wardrobe.

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