Wednesday, October 17

Just to let you know a little more about me, I have a degree in graphic design and been working freelance for a few years but I like to mix it up and move away from the computer and on to the sewing machine. Now my sewing machine isn't the most technical or advanced but with some guidance from my fantastic dressmaking mum, some fabulous patterns and a little design flare it can create some exciting gems. Bless it.
As you can see I am in no way a professional and apart from my mother, self taught but I have been making dresses, collars and other jewellery items for a while now and the other week I tackled my first coat, which I thought was a success but ofcourse could definitely be better. So with this in mind I took myself to John Lewis and picked up some very exciting new material to give it another go and create a fabulous coat set for the winter months. So this is where my adventure begins.

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