Wednesday, October 17

Week One

Its Wednesday 17th October and I am going to start with the coat. A bit of a tricky one to begin with I think but its going to be fun. I am especially excited by the material and buttons I have picked out.
The material. What do we think? I love it. Matt (my boyfriend) is a little iffy about the waves but I think its fun.
The buttons. What fun little gems!!! I dont have a lining yet, im not too sure which direction to go in with that but im thinking maybe a similar pinky colour.
Burda 7587 from John Lewis
And for the pattern. Its a very classic style. Simple but with the print its hopefully gonna be awesome. I have always wanted a really nice faux fur coat but never found one I really liked. I own a light coloured one from River Island with lovely pale pink lining which is nice but not quite right. The main fault is the collar and that there isn't one which I think looks a bit funny. So the collar is important in this project. I shall be paying attention to that.

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