Saturday, April 19

While sketching some ideas today I got a little over-whelmed with thoughts of what to make next. I have a lot of patterns and fabric in my stash which is awesome but what comes along with this is too many ideas and too many thoughts. It's hard to narrow down what I actually want to make. I thought it would help to write a post and see what comes out. 

So below are some of my new patterns and some of the new fabrics I purchased while in Leeds with my mum. We had an awesome day at haberdasheries and markets and picked up some real gems. All of which were under £5 a metre. I was also very pleased when my mum bought some pink flamingo fabric to make a skirt from! amazing!

The patterns above I got from simplicity online, thinking about it I believe these were all in a fiver also. Great value and there are soooooo many patterns to choose from. I initially went on to the site to only look for a blazer pattern. The other day in Camden I tried on a really cool pink blazer with royal blue lining. I almost bought it but then, as usual stopped myself and thought how much fun it would be to make instead. So I found the simplicity 2340 blazer pattern above, which was exactly what I was look for. A loose fitting, casual jacket. After browsing for quite a while I had a basket full of other patterns. Couldn't resist, but had to filter so thought about what was really missing from my handmade wardrobe. 

I definitely don't make enough tops and so with this in mind searched for really versatile tops and came up with these two shirt patterns above. I have a couple of very simple style top patterns already but the shirt was missing and loved these two straight away. The simplicity 1422 pattern looked really cute and I liked the loose fitting style, the different lengths and yoke details. I had visions of drop waist dresses with a ruffle attached to the bottom and all sorts. The other pattern, simplicity 1538 I was drawn to because after making the negroni shirt from colette patterns for my boyfriend I really wanted a similar shirt for myself and although the photos are a little funny in this pattern I was drawn in by the cowboy look and again the fun yoke detail. Here I had visions of studs. Ha! (listening to way too much country)

Then I thought, right time to have another go at making trousers. I have never made a fly before and really want to give it a go. I have looked at a few tutorials online and think ey I can do that. Knowing this will be an entirely different story once I begin so anyway I found this burda 7250 pattern. Again I liked the casual feel of the trouser and one variation has a stripe up the side so thought hmm this could be interesting. The pattern has really nice pleates at the front and ofcourse the fly zip was a selling point. All in all a nice trouser pattern I thought so then headed to the checkout. Very happy.

These are my new fabrics just sitting and waiting to be cut into. I just don't know what to do with what. I love the thought of a shirt with one flowery piece and a contrasting placket and yoke and collar but then is that too much I just don't know. As soon as I saw the stripey blue, red and white fabric all I could think of was the little girl twirling on the Great British Sewing Bee opening credits. So I guess I have to make a similar, gathered skirt and high neck bodice with that one. I did think of using the top left pale blue flower fabric for a pair of trousers but unsure weather I would wear them or not. Really I don't wear trousers at the best of times so not sure there. Also if I had a little blouse in this fabric it would be rather cute indeed. Oh dear the options are endless but I will get stuck in soon. 

It is the Easter weekend and I know a lot of people are enjoying a lovely time off, I ofcourse have to work this evening! meh! so not had the time to really dive into anything yet, however Sunday and Monday could be the days for it. WIll have to suggest my boyfriend heads off to the gym. oooo hoping it's open! lol! Ah well let the sewing commence and I will keep you up to date with progress and ideas. 

Happy stitching to all and to all a lovely Easter. xx