Monday, February 10

I am finally here, writing this post, as you can see this week is a little late! shocking I know. My mother was very worried about me and had to call to make sure I was ok. Of course I am totally fine, just a busy life as usual and sometimes things can get a little too much. However, and true to form this doesn't affect my sewing, only my writing. Maybe I need to come up with a fun knew format that makes it easier for me to document my creations. Something more visual perhaps, more exciting to look through. If anyone has any ideas or links to pages please let me know. 

So let me get back to this weeks creation and the brand new pattern, which is Vogue V8815 I was very excited about this pattern and wanted to link it in with a wedding I am going to next weekend. This is probably my favorite bodice shape. It is the best fit I have found for my shape. I love it. It is just a peplum pattern but has soooo many options. A few I have already explored and really exciting to try more and share them with you. Due to this awesome bodice shape, I thought it would be great to use for a dress to wear to the wedding. Very exciting. 

The reason why I like the shape so much is the way the darts fit at the front and the way they shape the boob area. I am not very large in this area and so I find this fits perfectly with no need for an adjustments. 

The fabric I used for this creation was from one of the most fun shops I have ever been to and it is up north near where I am from in North Yorkshire. The village is called Embsay and the shop is at the Embsay mill. If you ever need any wool or fabric or cross stitch supplies this is such a lovely place to go. I guess if you live close, otherwise that is quite a mission. Anyways I love to have a trip there with my mum whenever I am home. It's like the best day out. So, yes the fabric. I got the fabric in this shop last time I was home and been dying to use it. It was, I believe about £6.50pm. Very reasonable I thought. It is quite a stiff cotton so thought it would work well with this shape and style. The fabric shop specialise in quilting fabrics and tools so, although the variety of prints you can choose from is out of this world they are all mostly cottons. 

The pattern I chose for the next four creations I have used before to create both tops and dresses but for this creation I thought I would try something new and make a little jacket. To create this was very simple and didn't take a lot of planning. I only needed to alter the layplan and how I cut each piece out. Due to the jacket shape this meant that the back would be totally closed and the front open. To achieve this I laid and cut the back piece on the fold. Here I added a little extra at the fold edge. With this being a jacket I was worried it may be a little too tight fitting so wanted to add a little more ease. I then cut two separate front pieces again adding a little more. Looking back now I think I definitely should have added a little more to both the front and back but still pleased with the outcome. 

So let me know what you think of week 5's creation. Week 6 is complete and I hope to post this on Wednesday. Maybe with a new format. Not sure yet. Week 6 is hopefully the dress I am going to wear to this wedding, unless I make another one in-between now and then and change my mind, which could very well happen. The wedding is in Edinburgh, where I use to live and haven't been back since I left nearly three years ago now so very excited. I have a whole new, handmade, weekend wardrobe planned. Including a new chunky knit shawl that is well on it's way. Very excited to get that finished and load up some pictures to show you. I am also working on a coat so hopefully have some pictures up of that too. Such fun!

Thank you for listening and happy stitching everyone!!

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