Monday, January 20

Week three is complete and I think it is quite a treat. I am so pleased with how this weeks peplum top has turned out. After being a little disappointed with the drafting of last weeks bodice I went on a little easier route with this weeks alterations. I know that this probably shouldn't have been my response and I should have given myself a harder task, pushed myself further with each creation. Well I decided not too. Ha! I went with an idea I was happy to execute well and knew would work well with the fabric. I think the more simple design suits the style very well. 

The pattern for this weeks creation, and for one final creation next week is as above. The Newlook 6824. For this peplum I used pattern pieces B F & H. B is the bodice pieces, the same as used for the last two creations. F and H and new additions. F for the sleeves and H is a full, pleated skirt. 

I chose this pleated skirt piece to give the peplum its... well peplummyness! How I put together this top was very easy. I assembled the bodice pieces exactly as instructed in the booklet. The alterations came when cutting out the skirt pieces. To create the puplum at the bottom of the top I measured down 13" from my waist. When measuring I did think this may have been a little long for a top, more a teeny tiny dress, however I always like to air on the side of caution. Many times I have cut before fully assessing everything. What is it they say 'measure twice and cut once' is that a builders quote? I am not sure. Anyway so after losing most of the skirt down from 13" cut, this gave me the peplum shape that then just needed stitching to the bodice as instructed. Very simple and easy to put together. This method can then of course be used with most skirt pattern pieces. Just cut to the desired length. The fabric I chose is a black and white tweed I got from a fabric warehouse. It worked out at only £2.99 pm and the best part is that I have tones of it left. Whoop! I think the fabric really compliments the shape and style of this top. It looks quite sophisticated, and the pink lining makes it a little more exciting. 

I hope you all like my peplum in tweed. I am very pleased, I think I will wear it for work this evening. 

As a little extra to this weeks post I thought I would show you my knit of the week. This scarf was inspired by a pattern I saw in Mollie Makes magazine. The pattern you can find here. True to form I didn't follow the pattern, I tweaked it just slightly. Reason being, in my fabric stash I had this white faux fur. The original pattern shows you how to crochet fur wool to create the collar. Instead of doing this I lined and then stitched the fur fabric collar to the crocheted scarf. I lined the scarf in the same baby pink colour as I used for the peplum top above. 

This scarf was very quick and easy to put together. The white faux fur was from John Lewis at a whopping £18 pm but you can buy faux fur a lot cheaper elsewhere. The wool I had left over form a shawl I made a couple of weeks back. 

Happy creating everyone, and don't forget to play around with ideas!!

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