Monday, January 6

Welcome back to the beginning of another adventure. After completing the first 52 I have had a bit of time off. Saying this I certainly haven't stopped sewing and recently launched myself into the world of knitting and crocheting. I did consider a year of creating wooly treats, however on second thought I think this may be a little adventurous for a beginner. 

So back to the sewing machine and back to this years 52creations and what an exciting year it's going to be. If you were here for the last instalment way back in October you will remember that I had set myself the challenge of choosing 13 patterns and create four variations of each pattern. Hopefully taking you through the design process from my initial idea to how I adapt a pattern to the final creation. I love to play around with pattern hacks and creating something different. The benefit of this is really getting to know a pattern. By already knowing the end result is always helpful and easier in deciding what variations to create. I hope to show you how easy it can be to design as many different styles as you could possibly imagine. (Within my quite little experience of course. I am still learning)

The pattern I have chosen to start this years adventure with was the very first pattern I ever bought and therefore the very first dress I ever made - Newlook 6824. I have used this pattern a lot and is incredible versatile. It is a very simple pattern to begin with and so not a huge challenge yet but they will get a little more complicated I assure you. I thought I would ease myself in and hopefully come up with some exciting treats.

I chose to use pattern pieces B and G, which is a very elegant, simple bodice with princess seams and a pencil skirt with pleats on the front and darts on the back. This shape of bodice is super flattering and really easy to put together. The only tricky bits is the concentration when easing in your princess seams. Practice will only make perfect here so preserver and make as many dresses as you can, hehe!! I have lined my dress with the same fabric which is really soft and flowy. For me to choose such a simple colour and dress shape was unusual but I love how it has turned out and will be perfect for my sisters 30th birthday do at the end of the week. 

To chat about the alterations. I was initially going to start off the year and my first chosen pattern by only using one of the variations given in the pattern itself. However true to form I changed my mind. The lovely Jennie B (my boyfriends sister) gave me this pretty white ribbon for christmas and well I couldn't just put it away for another day so created a shape that would really suit a little bit of lace. I have made a few backless dresses before but not in this shape. By altering the back, or neckline is a really simple way of exploring different styles. I thought the overall feel of this dress would not suite anything too revealing so I very  simply opened up the back, which was very easy to do. Instead of attaching a zip all the way up to the neckline I stitched up the back seams seperately before turning the bodice inside out. By then attaching the ribbon it concealed the edges nicely. All was left to do was attach a little button at the top the fasten. I chose a light blue button to match the zip.

I hope you enjoyed week one of 52creations 2014. I better head off and make some room in the wardrobe. Ahhh! Happy stitching everyone!

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  1. So glad to see you've started another year! This is a lovely dress, the ribbon is the perfect finishing touch :)