Wednesday, October 24

Today I have had to do some research into button holes. I have never made a button hole before so this was interesting, also my sewing machine isn't really designed for such technical things. Very excited to start though.
And here is my first attempt at a button hole yay! I think I did well. I mean they are not amazing but they work and im happy so thats cool for me.
After the final hemming of the bottom and sleeves, here is the final piece. There will be a nice photo to follow. once I have washed my hair. ha! As for the skull studs im afraid im still not sure where to put them so this may have to happen another time and I decided definitely against the bow I just think it will be a bit too much. Simple and less is always better. I hope people like it. I do! :0)
And here is the finished coat. What do you think?

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